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So guys and dolls, our next event will be the tenth for Dr Sketchy Sheffield and we are planning something special. In fact, there’s lots of activity happening, behind the scenes, as we take Sketchy Sheff forward into a new chapter.

As some of you may know Issie has had her hands full (quite literally) recently and the next event will be her last ‘in charge’. Not that she’s leaving us completely, no, she’s tentatively handing over the reigns to two new branch directors, myself, Andrea Joseph and one of our favourite models Lara Gothique (aka, Hell’s Belle).

There are all sorts of other things on the cards too. Maybe a change of venue and a change of day and time. We’ll update the blog, and all other social media, with all the news, and will announce the date, venue and theme of our 10th show shortly. We are looking at mid September. And at making it a celebration.

We are excited to see what the future for Dr Sketchy Sheff holds and hope you come along, on this journey, with us.

If you haven’t already, join our Facebook group (Dr Sketchy Sheffield) follow us on Twitter (@drsketchysheff) and, most importantly, come along!