we predict a riot

riotburl-cream-webSo folks, that time has come around again; the end of the Sketchy year. Yes, our final show is just under a couple of weeks away. We’re back in Buxton, and we predict a riot (I’m so very very sorry). We’re not going to say anymore, apart from, expect to be challenged. Be prepared.

Wednesday 26th November

7:30 – 10:15(ish) pm

The Old Clubhouse,

3 Water Street,

Buxton, SK17 6XN

£10 on the door

All artistic abilities welcome – even people who “can only draw a stick-man”. Yes, we’ll take you too. We’re not fussy.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Going out with a bang


Guys, we are happy to announce that for our final Sheffield show of the 2014 (I cannot believe I’m typing that) we are going out with a bang. A BIG bang. Yes, back by popular demand, the Yorkshire Puddings will be providing us with poses, performance and a whole load of sass.

All the usual fun and frolics; music, drawing, fun games, silly competitions, drawing, drinks, sillier prizes, drawing. You know the score. Well, unless you’ve never been to one of our events before. You haven’t? Why haven’t you?? Make sure you come to this one or there’ll be trouble.

Saturday 8th November

1:30 (doors open at 1) to 4:15 (ish)

The Greystones, Sheffield

£10 on the door

All artistic abilities welcome!

Get those pencils warmed up. See you there folks.




Guys, we have an event happening at The Greystones. Tomorrow.

Sorry for the last minuteness. Hopefully, you have nothing else going on in your life – or that you can cancel everything this late in the day!

So, we have a great show planned. No, really!

We have some absolutely fabulous girls and ‘guys’ modelling and performing, for your delight, in our Gangsters and Molls themed event.

Saturday, 13th of September.

1:30 -4:15 ish.

At The Greystones,

Greystones Road

Sheffield, S11 7BS

Doors open at 1pm.

£10 on the door.

All artistic abilities welcome.


the night the Wild West came to town

eric-girls-guns eric-cowboys eric-jackdaniels eric-tal-headdress eric-suzie eric-sketchers eric-di-bar eric-tal-ooof


What a night we had, last Wednesday, when we brought the Wild West alive at the Buxton Fringe. It was such a fabulous event and we’d like to thank everyone involved – our amazing models, our team of volunteers and, of course, all of the lovely sketchers who came out, in what felt like a Wild West climate, to paint our wagon.

Big thanks, also, to Eric Murphy for these wonderful photos. The rest of the set can be viewed HERE.


Dr Sketchy Sheffield does the Buxton Fringe

Dr Sketchy Sheffield does the Buxton Fringe Festival

After our little hiatus we are thrilled to announce that our next event will be at the Buxton Festival Fringe.

For the first time we are holding an event at this great festival of performing arts, theatre and creativity. It’s the perfect place for us we feel!

We’d love it if you would mosey on down to Dr Sketchy’s saloon bar, on Wednesday 23rd of July, above the Old Clubhouse, 3 Water St, Buxton, SK17 6XN, for a Wild West themed evening of life drawing and so much more!

Tickets are £10 on the door. Doors open at 7pm and the fun kicks off at 7:30.
All abilities welcome.
See you there!


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